Do i need a referral for a dating scan

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If you would like more information telephone 07 5433 8701 or visit the. where do I want to have my baby. ▫ would I like to use. Send us a referral as soon as your pregnancy. ◼ is confirmed. Organise your ultrasound scans. ◼. – Your GP. This guide informs you of what to expect once you have self-referred or your GP has referred. What do I need to do. A dating scan appointment will be sent. Why have a Viability and Dating Scan? Most women will not need to have an ultrasound. • Doctor’s Referral. How do I prepare for my Viability and Dating Scan?

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Do i need a referral for a dating scan:

Do I need a referral? No you do not need a referral as this is a non diagnostic scan. We require for all packages that you have had a dating, 12 week. Dating report and assessment; 2x 2D b/w images in mounted card frame; Free 4D Sneak Preview optional from 12 to 22 weeks; May involve a. Do I need to drink water before my scan appointment. What happens in terms of referrals? Hey ladies, I am fuming this morning, my midwife clinic is so busy I only had my booking appointment at 12wks, she assured me I would get my dating scan letter in the.

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At some hospitals you may have an ultrasound scan on your first visit, while at. Why should I need a referral letter at this stage of my pregnancy and iñ my. You can book in with the OB before seeing your GP, just need to take. went to the GP before then and got my referral for dating scan and OB.

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    You may have had the 'blue line' which suggests you are, but to see for sure will give you added reassurance. Ultrasound scanning in early pregnancy can. Prenatal diagnosis. He offers pregnancy dating scans at SHORE for Women in St Leonards, Sydney. When do I need an ultrasound scan? Down syndrome.

    Do i need a referral for a dating scan:

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